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Create a Memorable Experience: Ecommerce Web Design Basics

Have you ever gone to a website and couldn’t resist browsing? If so, it must have been memorable. Recreating the same digital experience for visitors cements your brand into memory. Between interesting content, stunning visuals and simple navigation, ecommerce web design ensures customers have an unforgettable experience worth sharing with friends. To wow the audience and gain more customers, follow these ecommerce site design best practices.

Discover Your Audience

Creating a memorable digital experience requires an in-depth understanding of your audience. Insight into the ideal customer is gained by reviewing established buyer personas. Who are your customers? Where do they shop? What are their struggles and how does your business plan to address them? Once you understand the world from your customer’s point of view, developing an appealing site design is an intuitive process.

Integrate Social Media

Between Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and the long awaited rise of Google+ as a social media authority, e-commerce sites lacking social media integration lose potential opportunities every second. Compared to the early days of social networking, businesses today must be visible and active on social media to further build customer relationships and encourage sharing.

Implement Mobile-Friendly Design

Mobile technology is revolutionizing the way we do business. From workplace BYOD strategies to customer preferences favoring mobile commerce, innovation is molding the future of global commerce. For e-commerce websites, responsive designs ensure maximum accessibility to mobile device users while delivering a seamless digital experience.

Incorporate Visuals

Video backdrops, infographics and animation are just a few of the ways ecommerce business owners are able to take their site content to the next level. By engaging viewers with short video descriptions, product demonstrations or displays, ecommerce web design can be used to captivate, entertain and inform. Inspire social sharing of visual content on image-heavy sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Flickr.

Make Memories

Following these e-commerce web design tips will lead to more traffic, higher engagement rates and increased sales. Instead of focusing on sales only, give viewers a reason to stay and experience your site by implementing quality web design. Make lasting memories while inviting customers to share your brand on social media, join email lists and read your blog – all simple ways an ecommerce company can keep in touch with leads.